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Background screening is one of the most critical due diligence measures you can take to protect the safety and well-being of your workplace, workforce, customers, and reputation. Conducting an interview and reading the job application of a total stranger, will only provide you with the information they want you to know. When a company forgoes background screening, they enable unqualified and undesirable candidates to join their workforce and jeopardize their business. As a business owner, manager, or human resource professional, it is your obligation to safeguard the organization by hiring qualified and reputable employees.

The cost of a background check is negligible compared to the overall cost of recruiting, hiring, training, and later terminating a bad choice. There is no comparison to the high cost of liability that could result from theft, violence, or a history of poor performance. Losing customers can be much more expensive than losing a job candidate. Losing your reputation is everything. Zaeplex is a key component in protecting your assets.

A comprehensive employment application is the first critical step. The application must be carefully designed to gather a well rounded history of the applicant’s activities and whereabouts for at least 7 years. Each piece of information should not just be viewed separately, but rather as one component of the entire puzzle. All of the pieces must fit together properly before an applicant should be considered. Missing pieces, such as gaps in employment, should be scrutinized. It is not uncommon for an applicant to falsely provide consecutive dates of employment or residence history, in an effort to hide a tarnished past. Background screening checks are a critical part of identifying omissions and falsifications. If the same applicant has been rejected by companies that conduct thorough background screening checks, they will seek out employers who do not. If you do not currently have a background screening program, Zaeplex will put you on the right track, quickly and efficiently, at a reasonable cost.

Another key component of the employment application is to ensure its compliance with state and federal laws that protect the applicant. Today’s job seekers are better informed and more aware of their rights and your obligation to protect them. Failing to have proper disclosure and authorization statements could expose your company to some very unnecessary problems. Zaeplex professionals will examine your employment application and provide guidance on content and required compliance documents.

Zaeplex will simplify the entire background screening process for you through consultation, recommendation and implementation. You will be provided with the proper resources to help you decide what screening program is appropriate for your organization and budget. We will provide guidance on enhancing your application process, assistance with compliance issues, and executing the most effective screening program available.

Zaeplex is a full-service screening provider. Please see our primary service menu. Not all services are listed. Please contact us by email or call 1 800 Background (222-5476) if you have specialized industry requirements or would like to discuss a customized screening program.