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Social Security Number Trace
This is a highly recommended search for all applicants. The Trace Report confirms that the SSN is valid, provides the state and year of issuance, and identifies names, addresses and dates of birth associated with its use for obtaining credit. Omissions and falsifications on a job application can be discovered by comparing its data to the SSN Trace. Criminal history searches should be initiated under names and addresses discovered.

County Criminal History
Provides a search for felonies and misdemeanors from the county court records for a minimum of (7) seven years. Public records are obtained via direct hands-on access, or through on-line communication directly to the court. In areas where additional misdemeanor records are indexed in local municipalities, supplemental court searches can be requested.

U.S. Federal District Court Criminal History
Provides a search of the U.S. Federal District court criminal index maintained by the United States Judiciary, for a minimum of (7) seven years. Federal crimes are those against federal law such as tax evasion, drug trafficking, and mail fraud, and include any offenses committed on federal grounds.

Statewide Criminal History
Provides a search of the statewide criminal history repository for felonies and misdemeanors for a minimum of (7) seven years. Availability, turnaround time and requirements vary per state. A complete listing is available from Zaeplex. Statewide searches add value by providing greater geographic coverage.

National Criminal Search
Provides a search of data files compiled from county courts, Department of Corrections, state repositories and other various law enforcement agencies across the nation. The National Criminal Search is offered to supplement statewide and county criminal history programs for the most comprehensive coverage available.

Sexual Offender Search
Provides a national search of data files compiled from state records of registered sexual offenders. The Sexual Offender search is offered to supplement other criminal history programs for greater coverage.

Driving Record
Provides a report of the individual’s driving history and license status in the state where the license was issued. The report includes any history of violations, or changes in status, such as license suspension, cancellation, revocation or expiration, for a minimum of (3) three years. Some states offer longer coverage.

Employment Verification
Provides a verification of claimed employment with a company. The verification includes dates of employment and job position at minimum, and when available, information regarding performance, wages, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire.

Educational Verification
Provides a verification of claimed educational achievement. The verification includes as available, dates of attendance and completion, and type of degree, diploma, or certificate received.

Professional License Verification
Provides verification of a professional license issued, including license type, date of issuance, expiration date, and the current license standing. Suspension or any disciplinary action is reported as available.