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Tenant screening is a critical practice for landlords and property owners, not only to ensure a candidate’s financial responsibility, but for the safety and well being of other tenants. Once a tenant has taken residency, it is difficult and costly to remove them. Landlords and property owners have an obligation for due diligence when selecting tenants. Failure to properly pre-screen candidates can pose significant consequences, particularly if other tenants are harmed by their actions. The financial impact resulting from failure to screen, can be considerable due to property damage, financial irresponsibility, and negative effects on good tenants. Checking the candidate to confirm a responsible financial past, no criminal history that would warrant concern, and decent landlord references, will better safeguard your investment.

As with an employment application, a comprehensive rental application is the first critical step to proper screening. The application must provide sufficient information to determine the applicant’s activities and whereabouts for at least 7 years. It should provide landlord references that coincide with each rental address, and there should not be gaps in residential information. All of the pieces must fit together properly before an applicant should be considered. Red flags, like gaps in residency or employment should be scrutinized. It is not uncommon for an applicant to falsely provide consecutive dates in an effort to hide former evictions, a criminal past, or history as an undesirable renter. A thorough screening program will help uncover these and other types of omissions.


Preventing undesirable tenants from leasing your property can be effectively accomplished with a with a comprehensive screening program from Zaeplex. Zaeplex offers a wide variety of screening services that are extremely effective in determining a candidate’s eligibility. Zaeplex can provide information about the applicant’s employment status, residence history, criminal history, financial responsibility, and past landlord/tenant relationships. Do not make risky leasing decisions without all of the facts. Protect yourself and others with a cost effective tenant screening program from Zaeplex.

Please see our listing of Products and Services or contact us via email, or at (800) 222 – 5476, to discuss a customized screening program.