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Technology is a priority at Zaeplex. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and security of information is conveyed through technological advances and innovative thinking. Continuous process enhancement is initiated in response to client feedback, and a steadfast pledge to provide the highest quality, most efficient reporting available today.

Security is of utmost importance at Zaeplex. Protecting confidential data will always be high priority, and an inherent part of system architecture at Zaeplex. The data center is managed by IT professionals who continuously monitor the well being and security of mission critical systems to assure data integrity and availability.

Customer Interface
Zaeplex provides customers with the choice of using a state of the art web interface or custom integration. Integration to existing customer software is available to streamline and simplify the order and retrieval process.

ZaeplexOnline™ is an advanced web interface that enables customers to securely manage the background screening process in a simplified, yet highly efficient manner.

ZaeplexOnline™ enhanced features include:

  • Instant scan of the Zaeplex database containing a multitude of public records.
  • Package selection based on customer requirements for consistency and ease of ordering.
  • Application management capabilities for adding users and granting privileges.
  • Statistical reporting to monitor turn around time, hit ratios, and other vital data.
  • Database information that is never purged.
  • Online applications and questionnaires (Q1 2006).
  • XML integration to virtually any database (may require custom integration).

Data security is mandatory at Zaeplex. The network architecture is designed with security as the primary consideration. Use of perimeter firewalls coupled with encryption algorithms ensure a secure environment for requesting, retrieving, and archiving confidential data.

The Zaeplex infrastructure features:

  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption
  • Tru-Secure Certification
  • Inbound and Outbound connectivity redundancy with fail over
  • Dual layer firewall configuration and intrusion detection
  • Virus protection

At Zaeplex, technology is the most critical component used to connect customers with essential data. Total Quality Management is a philosophy at Zaeplex, and we will always remain dedicated to meeting customer needs through technological enhancements.