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Two Simple Steps.

1. Invite the applicant.

2. Review the report.

Digital Signature technology and document submission from any device.

Background checks and drug testing initiated simultaneously.

No data entry. No emailing or faxing of documents.

Candidates' documents easily accessible and securely maintained on our site.

Your on-boarding forms, made electronically capable, digitally signed, and securely maintained on our site.

User-friendly website with simple, yet robust features, for effective and highly secured submission and reporting.

Comprehensive five level background checks affordably priced and easily initiated.

Access to simple on-line compliance solutions directly from the website including adverse action initiation.

Contact 1800Background.com directly from a candidate's profile to ask questions, or if you prefer to call us, we always answer the phone.

Integration to your existing HR or     payroll system, or simply place our link in your on-boarding process offer letter. 

   Drug testing automatically electronically scheduled when the background check is initiated. 

      Remarkably Simple. Exceptionally Comprehensive. Reducing Risk Affordably.

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