Background Checks

     Initiate via Invite to Insight technology. Two simple               steps. Invite the applicant.  Review the results.

     Remarkably Simple. Exceptionally Comprehensive. 

     Integrating with your ATS for a streamlined process.

     Electronic submission and digital signature technology.

     All names, all locations, all levels.  Closing the gaps of             inadequate background checks.  Learn more. 

     Initiate Adverse Action directly from the website.

     Comprehensive 5 level criminal checks affordably                     priced.

     Criminal history, civil records, employment, education,          professional license, driving records, sex offender,                  OFAC, personal and professional references and                      more.    Please see expanded report list below.

     Annual update programs.  Screen a candidate before              they start, and  every year after while on-board. 

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Occupational Drug Testing

  Drug testing using an electronic donor pass for lab owned collection centers.

  Simple, efficient, electronically scheduled via Invite to Insight technology.  

  Reporting of results via secured website access. 

  Pre-Employment, Random, Post Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Programs. 

  MRO Services (Medical Review Officer). 

   Alcohol Testing.

  On-Site Mobile Collections.

  Drug Free Workplace Programs.

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Employee Screening

Helping to protect your employees, customers, inventory, and well respected brand name, through comprehensive, affordable background check and drug screening solutions. will look at your existing program and determine if risky gaps exist. We'll provide the best streamlined, comprehensive, and affordable solution possible. If you don't currently have a program, we'll make recommendations to meet your goals and budget. We have 110 years of combined executive experience exclusively in the background screening industry. 



Contractor Screening

Require the same high standards of all contractors before they access your site.  We will design a contractor screening program for your organization, or we'll contact the contractor directly and set them up with a program that meets your specifications. 


Volunteer Screening

Check-to-protect before any volunteer joins your school, healthcare or non‑profit organization. provides comprehensive, cost effective volunteer programs for added piece of mind when children, elderly and other vulnerable individuals are under your watch. 



SSN Trace Report (Address/Alias)

Nationwide Criminal

Nationwide Federal Criminal

Statewide Criminal

Statewide Federal Criminal

Statewide Dept. of Corrections

County Criminal

Municipal Criminal

International Criminal

Nationwide Sex Offender

Statewide Sex Offender 

Nationwide Federal Civil

Statewide Federal Civil

County Civil

International Civil

Financial Packages

Nationwide Federal Bankruptcy

Statewide Federal Bankruptcy

Statewide MVR (Driving History)

Employment History

DOT Employment History

Educational Verification


Professional License Verification


Global Blacklist Search

Office of Foreign Asset Control

Personal Reference

Professional Reference

State Worker's Compensation

Occupational Drug Testing

Pre-Adverse Action Notification

Adverse Action Notification

Compliance Letters 

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